Friday, March 14, 2008

HURRY!!! Happy News for All About Business Readers!

Yes!!!! It is really happy news for us. Do you know what? We're achieved google PR3 without any SEO at all. It is really became possible only because of two reason,

One is, Niche Content.

Another one is You-Readers-Viewers-Visitors.

Thanks to all of the "All About Business" regular readers...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reliance Power Plans to Offer Bonus Shares

Anil Ambani- headed Reliance Power Ltd said on Sunday that it has planed to offer bonus shares to all its shareholders, excluding the promoter group. This is the first time an Indian company has proposed bonus shares barely a week after listing on the stock exchanges.

The decision taken after the share doesn't do well in the bearish BSE and NSE, most of the traders expected R-power share will turnaround the market to bullish. But, unfortunately it doesn't happen, and the share price fall considerably against listed price. On Friday, the shares closed at Rs 384.70 on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The decision of issuing bonus share is really good news to the R-power shareholders and we can expect this will create a positive breath in the Indian Stock Market.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Reliance Power IPO - Numbers are really big

The much awaited Anil Ambani Group firm Reliance Power IPO will be list the shares on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange on February 11.

This IPO has raised Rs 11,560 crore (Rs 115.6 billion), and it is the largest IPO on the Indian capital market,the number of shareholders involved in this IPO is about 42 lakhs. ADAG's power IPO has receieved over 5million bids from all the categories, and the demand of shares worth over Rs. 7.5 trillion.

Here are the excerpts of some big numbers involved in this IPO,

Qualified Institutional Buyers was oversubscribed - 82.5 times.

Non Institutional Investors was oversubscribed -159 times.

Retail investors was oversubscribed -13.6 times.

In the beginning, Reliance Power IPO has faced the PIL(Public Interest Litigation) filed by a Rajkot-based NGO, Grahak Suraksha Mandal in the Gujarat High Court. But, The Supreme Court cleared the hurdles for the launch of this mega Initial Public Offer by ADA group.

Let's hope that this IPO will do some magic in the Indian Stock Market.

Friday, February 1, 2008

What is the right age to start a business?

Before get into the topic, let me check myself whether I'm the right person to talk about this. May be I'm, because I've started my first business in the age of 19. I've started a computer center, it was also focused on various other internet oriented services(I've planned to write brief article about my business experiences , so little introduction is enough for now.)Immediately after my under graduation. I've already mentioned, that was my first business, so needless to say its turned down a failure. So I think, I can talk about this topic.

What is the right age to start up a business? or Is age is the important factor while consider business start up? The answer may be vary person to person, environment to environment. Let we first analyze the pros and cons of starting a business in the young age and in the old age(In this post I used the term old age to represent the people who are all 35+ ).


Young Age

Old Age


Eligible to take high risk.

Experience is handy.


No family commitments.

Corporate exposure.


Innovative ideas.

Matured thinking.


Lot of time to experiment

Corporate contacts to achieve things fast.


Aggressive to achieve

Patience to do things right.


Young Age

Old Age


Lack of experience.

Family commitments.


Lack of finance.

Lack energy or passion to achieve high.


Un stabilized mentality.

Fear to take high risks.


Lack of hi-network contacts.

Time constrain.

By seeing this above table, one can easily understand that both the young age and old age have their own merits and demerits when it comes to business. Then what is the more important thing than the above listed item. The magical word is "Attitude". Yes, you have to have the positive attitude to achieve success in the business at any age. Positive attitude will gives you self confidence, sustain even when things go wrong, never tired of trying and so on...

Have positive attitude. Have a success in your business.

This Week Book Suggestion - 6

"The Google Story" by David A.Vise and Mark Malseed.

This is the book for everyone in business. Especially for the people in internet based business and for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Authors have covered a lot of inside story about Google in this book. It is definitely a worth to read.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Back

Its been very hectic schedule in my business and personal level . I've faced lot of problems and uncertainty in this past three months both in my business and in the personal level. In the Past couple of weeks only I'm getting bit of relief from everything. The problems I've faced in this last few months has shaped me as a better person than before and, helped me to find the better qualities within me. Am always used to see the problems as an opportunity to learn things and develop my qualities, rather than look it as a problem. I strongly believe this attitude was helped me to fight against all the problems and win over it.

Now, my personal problems are almost over, still there is some uncertainty over my business. But now I'm out of the huge stress and able to concentrate fully on my business. So I believe I can bring better solutions for the problems in my business.

Anyway guys, thank you so much for your kind emails. This post is just to convey my thanks to my friends and readers of this blog who supported and stood up with me in this critical situation of my life.

Thanks Guys!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Personal Planning and Time Management Tips

Always ask yourself, Is what I am working on right now the best use of my time? How will you know if it is the best use of your time? It will be the best use if:

· It is going to help you achieve your goals

· It is the item with the highest value to you, your customers, or your company

· It can’t be delegated

· Rather than focusing on when you need to finish something, focus on when you need to start Then start when you need to

· One reason projects and tasks don’t get finished on time is that we think we have plenty of time, so we put off the important work in favor of the urgent items—until the important becomes urgent.

· Schedule the most important work during the time when your energy is highest. The earlier in the day, the better. Take control of the day before it takes control of you. Don’t put off doing things you don’t like doing but are necessary.

· Plan what you will work on. If you don’t have a plan you will tend to allow yourself to be interrupted, distracted, and delayed from accomplishing what is most important to you. You would usually not consider taking a vacation without planning it out. Why does your work deserve any less?

· Recognize that you will need to make adjustments. There will always be some interruptions. There will be changes in the work that must be done. Build into your schedule some time for interruptions and new or unexpected work. When you have a “margin of safety” it helps you maintain control.

· Whenever you have a choice, don’t cram things together. If one of the activities runs late, you’ll be rushing from one project to the next or one appointment to the next. That creates additional stress that you don’t need. Allow some extra minutes between appointments, for example, so that you won’t be as rushed.

· Keep your desk or work area free of clutter. Clutter distracts you from your primary task. It also creates additional stress. Keeping things in order promotes a feeling of control.

Principles of Proactive Planning

· Planning takes time; not planning takes more time

· It takes a lot less to prevent a crisis than it takes to solve it

· You can’t eliminate interruptions, but you can control them.

· Did you accomplish your most important priority?

· What trends do you notice about how you spent your time?

· What was the most productive part of your day? Why?

· What was the least productive part of your day? Why?

· What or who caused the majority of interruptions?

· What could you do to control these interruptions?

· What was your biggest time waster?